We want to be more than just a wellness brand.

A long tradition of giving back.

Ming Sing as a brand has always been about uplifting the community. Our founder, Mrs Zhou Wenji, has advocated for women’s rights and women’s empowerment throughout her esteemed career.

Our MISSION is to be one of the leading wellness brands in the Philippines with an emphasis on giving back. We plan to not only make products that improve everyday lives, but also create opportunities that will help uplift and empower members of the community.

We pledge to continue that tradition.

Our VISION is to uphold the legacy of our founder, and play a part in our community. We aim to:

  • Donate a portion of our sales proceeds to help out NGO and nonprofits that benefit women,
  • Create a more inclusive workplace for women,
  • Organize events and activations that bring awareness to the issues that women face today in the Philippines,
  • Allow incentives programs for women in our business. Any many more.

And many more.

Join us to make a difference.