The complete history of Ming Sing.


Ming Sing was founded.

“明星” or Ming Sing, was founded in Shanghai in 1903, during the Qing Dynasty, by a famous doctor and Chairman of the Chinese and Western Medicine Bureau, Zhou Bangjun.


“明星花露水” or Ming Sing Florida Water, is born.

Dr. Zhou set out to create a product with disinfectant qualities that doubled up as a cologne. After 4 years of deliberation, Ming Sing Florida Water was created.


Mrs Zhou Wenji becomes new CEO.

In 1929, Zhou Bangjun’s eldest daughter, Zhou Wenji, took over the operation of the business and founded the Star Perfume and Soap Factory.

Under her leadership, Ming Sing Florida Water became extremely popular. The company was also listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


Ming Sing is forced to leave Shanghai.

Due to the civil war between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, Zhou Wenji was forced to leave Shanghai, and fled to Hong Kong, before finally settling in Taipei, Taiwan.


Ming Sing’s first new office and factory site in Taiwan

Ming Sing Perfume & Soap Co. establishes a factory and office in Taipei. Later, they were renamed to “Ming Sing Chemical Co.”. It is still home to Ming Sing’s main headquarters today.


Mrs Zhou takes action to serve the community.

Mrs Zhou always took time off her busy schedule to fill the roles of public office and actively participated in various diplomatic envoys.

1950s – 1970s

Ming Sing Florida Water gains popularity in Taiwan

Ming Sing Florida Water became widely popular amongst the Taiwanese people. They were often featured in media outlets and newspapers. Ming Sing Florida Water became the staple of every household, and named “an essential product for every woman”.

1980s – 1995

Mrs Zhou Wenji advocates for business women around the world.

Mrs Zhou continued her efforts to serve in public office and was compelled to urge women to become business leaders.

She founded and served as the Chairman of the “Global Federation of Chinese Business Women”, with many different federations and sisterhood associations worldwide.

In 1995, Mrs Zhou was also awarded the “Asian Outstanding Women’s Award” during the 50th anniversary of the United Nations.


Mrs Zhou Wenji releases her autobiography.

Mrs Zhou published her own autobiography “One Thought”, in which she wrote about her life and the history of Ming Sing Florida Water.

In 1998, Mrs Zhou passed away, and the company was turned over to the Zhang Family. 


Ming Sing helps with the SARS pandemic.

With the outbreak of the SARS pandemic, Ming Sing led campaigns to distribute Florida Water to the people of Taiwan due to its disinfectant qualities. 


Ming Sing heads in a new direction.

Ming Sing Florida Water was bought over by Sencheng Trading Co., who used to be a long term supplier of raw materials for Florida Water.

Under the new management, Ming Sing aims to take the company in new directions, all the while honouring the rich history of the brand.

Ming Sing will now not only produce Florida Water, but also a plethora of other products. 


Ming Sing appoints Mrs Kwok to lead.

Mrs Evelyn Kwok is the current CEO of Ming Sing. She has been a prominent businesswoman in the ethanol distribution industry for over twenty years, having co-founded other companies in Singapore and other regions of Asia. She is the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit of Mrs Zhou Wenji, and promises to uphold her legacy.


Ming Sing pledges to help front line workers during COVID

During the COVID pandemic, Ming Sing worked with the Taipei Pharmacists Association and other medical government departments to donate over 20,000 bottles of hand sanitizers to front line workers and nurses. 

2022 – Present

Ming Sing expands to the Philippines.

In Taiwan, Ming Sing has now been established as a holistic wellness brand focusing on making products to help people in their everyday lives.

In addition, Ming Sing hopes to extend the reach of their products to new markets. The Philippines will be the first place that Ming Sing will call “a home away from home”. 

Fun fact, the Philippines was first country to import Ming Sing Florida Water in 1937!